Yearly Expenses

Yearly expenses




jennJennifer Rosengrant  fell in love with all things horses at a very early age, but it wasn’t until she was 14 years old that she got her first horse; a 17.2h Appaloosa  gelding named Applesauce. Having attended the ever popular Ride or Die School of  Horsemanship, Jennifer has learned everything she needs to know the hard way –  eating dirt. That was over 35 years ago and since that time, along with her sister, they  have owned just 8 horses total, making lifetime commitments to each and every horse that has come into their lives.  A lover of ranch type Quarter Horses and Appaloosas, Jennifer and her sister are currently the proud owners of “She’s So True”, a Quarter Horse rescued from SugarCreek who while now retired, provided them with 13 years of amazing trail riding, “Olympic Torch Bearer”, an Appaloosa gelding who is so much fun to ride, and “My ShiAnne”, the hateful red, Hell Hath No Fury Like a Sorrel Mare, Quarter Horse. An avid trail rider, Jennifer & her sister haul out to various Ohio State Parks nearly every weekend, enjoying the serenity and solitude of their “church in the woods.” Lake Snowden, Buck Creek State Park, Blue Rock, Mohican and Bark Camp are just a few of their favorites.

 A self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi and Vacation Whore, Jennifer has been with the  dynamic law firm of Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter for well over 20 years, serving as the firm’s Director of Facilities + Operations. She and her husband, Bryon, enjoy travelling the world in between her son Nathan’s multi-sports events. In addition to her and her sister’s horses, Jennifer & her family reside on a 13 acres farm in Rushville with their small, medium and large dogs, consisting of a Min Pin, a Sheltie and a Belgian Tervuren, and their 9 free loading cats.

Jennifer is a Certified Office Services + Purchasing Manager, as well as a Certified Mail Management Supervisor. She holds professional memberships with the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), serving as chapter President in 2016 / 2017, and the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA). She spends time in her community as a member of the Ohio Trail Riders Association, the Ohio Horseman’s Council (at-large member), the American Quarter Horse Association and the Appaloosa Horse Club.


Live for the Ride! (credit to & Laurie Cantrell) 


 bethBeth Prince


Not only is Beth Prince an avid horse lover, her two children share her passion, as well. Beth grew up with horses and at one point, competed in barrel racing and  ranch riding classes.  She has worked horses for a living from Ohio, to South Dakota, and Colorado, sometimes riding under professional trainers. She has also worked many years throughout several states as a trail guide, guiding people through both simple and rough terrain. Trail riding is her passion!

Currently Beth is assisting her own children in learning the ways of horsemanship  and showing within 4H. She continues to trail ride wherever she can. She loves to  write and is an avid photographer in her day to day happenings.

Beth currently has 2 horses. A 12 year old Red Dun Quarter Horse gelding that she  bought in South Dakota and had hauled to Ohio, and a little paint pony. Juice is an  all around guy that can rope, trail ride, perform in ranch classes, assist in breaking  other horses, a glorified babysitter, barrel and pole horse, and a big puppy dog.  Sprinkles is a pasture ornament and Juice's best buddy.

Beth also has 2 Australian Shepherd's to help her on her farm. One of which will be having puppies in March! Exciting times!



traciTraci E Roach Large

I have loved horses since I was little. I have a rescue, Leaves Falling Farm, that  allows me to save mainly the older equines that so many discard. I have my degree in  teaching but have worked in manufacturing most of my life so I could support my horse habit and children.  Currently at 47 years old, I look forward to helping horses for many more years to come.






County Ranks

County Ranks

For the year 2018 we are currently looking for Outlaws regional officers.

Ohio Trail Riders is currently looking for a president, vice president, and youth division trail boss for the Outlaws region. (Map below highlights areas covered in the Outlaws region)  These members will be responsible for organizing trail riding events in their area, and responsible for organizing their counties in that region.

We have four regions in the Ohio Trail Riders' Association; Wild Bunch, Rough Riders, Ghost Riders, Outlaws.

These four regions each have a president, vice president, secretary, trail master - also known as a territorial marshal, a trail guard, a trail team, and a youth division trail boss.

In addition to these regional areas & officers, each and every county inside the regions has a president that also creates and organizes events. The president may add additional individual county office as they deem necessary.  Individual counties are free to organize their own events, as well as participating in regional and state OTRA events. All individual county events are to be shared within that chapter, as well as the Ohio Trail Riders' website and Facebook for all to have the option to participate.

We still have many counties open and looking for chapters. If you live in a county without an organized OTRA chapter and would like to form and head up your county, contact us and we will activate your county's chapter.  OTRA is free for all to have fun, get out and do some trail riding, meet new riders and people who love horses, as well as develop and maintain a network of connections in the equine industry throughout Ohio.  

Individual county chapter presidents, should strongly consider electing the help of a vice president and youth division trail boss at a minimum, to grow their county's membership and assist with chapter events.  

We have the opportunity to make OTRA a dynamic organization and presence in our communities, growing our membership and providing all members great trail riding, family fun and horse related activities.  


State / Regional / County Offices of the Ohio Trail Riders' Association

State Level:

  • President
  •  Vice President
  •  Secretary

Region Level: four regions - Rough Riders, Wild Bunch, Ghost Riders, Outlaws

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Trail Master - also known as our Territorial Marshal 
  • Trail Boss
  •  Trail Guard
  • Trail Team 
  •  Drag Scout
  •  Youth Division - Youth division is free to assign multiple officer assistants, as well / if necessary
    •  Youth Division President
    • Youth Division Vice President 
    • Youth Division Secretary

Individual Counties

  • President
  •  Vice President
  •  Secretary
  •  Trail Boss
  •  Trail Team
  •  Drag Scout
  • Youth Division - Youth division is free to assign multiple officer assistants, as well / if necessary
    • Youth Division President
    • Youth Division Vice President 
    • Youth Division Secretary


Responsibilities of OTRA Leaders:


The president of an individual county in the OTRA is responsible for the officer dynamics of their county. 

Trail Master / Territorial Marshall:

The trailmaster is the person who guides their group's riders on events, down the trails, roads or fields. They also lead in parades, festivals and trail riding events. A trailmaster is picked everytime we have a trail riding event and are responsible for leading trail riders into safe environments at all times. The trailmaster is concerned with the safety all who follow him / her.

Trail Boss:

The trail boss is also responsible for maintaining safety during trail rides.  In the event an unsafe situation would present itself; motorcycles / dirt bikes / other vehicles or even other riders who could potentially create an unsafe situation for our riders, will be addressed by the trail boss.   

Trail guard:

The trail guard is responsible for ensuring we leave the locations in which we ride, better than we found them and works in conjuction with the trail team.  We all must work together to keep our trails, parks and areas other areas we may utilize, in safe, litter free, beautiful condition.  

Drag Scouts:

The drag scout is a rider or riders who bring up the rear during of any of our riding events. They are constantly watching out for the safety of those in front of them, as well as ensuring we aren't leaving anyone behind.  

Youth division:

A youth division is in charge of recruiting young adults and maintaining the records for the youth division, as well as creating trail rides, camp outs, BBQs and other events that will both appeal to and engage the younger generation.